10 Must have Furniture in Small Flats


Living in a small apartment in the city provides many benefits, but it decorating that small space is all about using creativity to balance between design and function and choosing the right furniture and furnishings to make it comfortable and stylish. It is all about choosing the right furniture that makes all the difference between your home feeling comfortable and cramped.

Here are 10 essential furniture pieces that will help you live large in a small space.

Sofa Beds

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Instead of only choosing sofa sets, you can go for sofa come bed also known as sleeper sofas. This will allow you to convert your living room into a guest bedroom. Since this will serve as both a couch and bed, it gives you more places to sleep and more room to entertain.

Pedestal Table

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A roundtable which is supported by a slender base can be inserted into small spaces with ease. These roundtables possess no sharp corners and no legs protruding out that makes it easier to compress in many chairs and friends all around the table.

Stackable stools

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Irrespective of how big or small the home is, seating is a very important aspect that needs to be considered into home design. It is one such requirement that is compromised or sacrificed for other necessities in small homes. So, in order to solve this problem, one can tuck a stack of stools in a corner that can be spread or used around when extra guests pop up your home.

Big mirrors

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A big mirror should definitely be at the top of your list when you are going to buy a few items to make your small space appear bigger. When you hang a large mirror in your living room, it makes space feel bigger and brighter. It also helps in reflecting the decor of the space and also the natural light. You can position the mirror across from a window to provide maximum light-boosting power. Rectangular mirrors when used in the hallway makes it look good and the square and oval mirrors make your living room great.

Stackable shelves

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Instead of choosing the largest possible shelving unit to fit your space, you can go for vertical or horizontal shelving that is flexible and can be arranged as per the needs of the space. You can pick up a few versatile cubby-like shelves that can be separated and stacked or can be used in different rooms or can be positioned horizontally as per your use. You can also use some sturdy shelf that can be doubled up as a hard bench.

Small armchairs

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Although bulky armchairs are cozy, they are so space occupying. For a compact living room, you can provide more seating into the available space by adding armless or armchairs. These armchairs are discreet, occupy minimal space. You can also move it to a larger space that can round off a bigger seating arrangement or can be placed in a spacious entry hall.

Folding Chairs Or Tables

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Folding chairs or tables are some of the most useful pieces of furniture that are great space-savers. These are great because you just need to drop it down to sit or fold it away when not in use. It’s very useful for anywhere you need seating or for serving but don’t have enough space to put it permanently.

Parsons desk

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The parson’s desk is very versatile because it can be used as bedside or bar table, dining table or office desk. The sleek shape of this desk makes it an especially good choice that fits into any room and can be used for studio or small apartments.


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Poufs or bean bags are a must for any small home whether you choose rustic burlap or seagrass, Moroccan-style leather. You can use them as seating, side tables, footstools, and can be molded to replace any piece of furniture.

Acrylic chair

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Any furniture made up of acrylic is an excellent choice for small spaces. It acts like an invisibility cloak for your furniture. Acrylic chairs and tables is a useful piece which can be tucked away anywhere from the living room to the desk and will not impede movement.


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