10 Super Easy Home Decor Hacks to Beat the Hot Summer

hot summer

The long hot summer is just here and everyone can feel the rising temperature. To beat this extreme heat, it is really necessary to use air conditioners or coolers in your homes. Apart from this, you can also add these super easy home decor hacks to make the weather bearable. These summers hacks will not only keep your house cool but will also bring more space for your place.

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Here are some super easy home decor hacks to beat the hot summers.

Bring in nature

Yes, we are talking about the plants and greenery that can effectively cool a home. Fill up all your empty spaces with floral plants like lilies to provide a vibrant touch to your home decor. Try to bring the classic green touch to the home decor to beat the hot summer and keep it refreshing. You can also grow creepers and vines along the staircase, indoor dividers, balcony grills, and balustrades to keep the shaded area beneath them as well as your surroundings cool.

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Paint it white

Try to use bright colors or white color for your home decor. The bright and white colors reflect UV rays instead of absorbing them and keep the house cool. Paint your dark color furniture with white or with some pale, chalky color to invite more light into a room. Add white color sofa or pouf with soft and comfortable fabric to get yourself a gorgeous seating arrangement.

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Cross ventilation

Keep your windows at the opposite ends open to enable cross ventilation and create a breeze inside your home. The best time to open up the windows during hot summers is between 5 am to 8 am and 7 pm to 10 pm. During this time the air is pleasantly cool and gets replenished without all the harsh heat from the sun.

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Use proper lights

Use proper lights such as compact fluorescent or cooler light-emitting diodes with incandescent bulbs. Switch off the lights when not in use. This will help in radiating a lot of heat rather than consuming more power and increase your electricity bills.

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Use proper curtains or drapes

With the harsh and hot summer sun knocking at the windows, it is very important to use the right curtains to block all the hard-hitting heat in the afternoons. Try some colorful or neutral shades and bold patterns curtains or drapes for your living room or airy sheers. Summer is the perfect time to provide a fresh and refreshing look to your home decor.

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Summer is a great time to experiment if you prefer wallpaper instead of paints. Make use of quirky prints and pastel colors wallpaper to provide cheery vibe to your home. You can change the wallpaper whenever required to provide a new look to your decor.

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Make a DIY Air Coolers

You can also make DIY air coolers at home. These DIY air coolers are very easier to make and work quite well in putting an end to the warm weather. It also helps you to save yourself from paying high electricity bills.

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Soothing bed linen

Opt for cotton bed sheets along with summer friendly fabrics and shades. These summers bed sheets provide a complete makeover to your bedroom and keep your room refreshing. The most beautiful part about bed sheets is that your bedroom says a new story every time you change it.

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Hang a large mirror

Large mirrors when hung on the walls make your room look more open and spacious. It also helps in even distribution of light in the room.

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Make a rice pillow for yourself

The perfect, easy and inexpensive way to keep your bed cool in the hot summer is by making a rice pillow. The rice pillows can be chilled in the refrigerator and are fun to snuggle.

With these simple and super easy hacks, you will be able to liven things for the hot summer without creating a big hole in your pocket. Try out the above-mentioned hack for this summer to provide a completely new and refreshing look to your home decor.


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