3 Ways To Live In A Small Space Balcony

It is usually the spring season when we love to enjoy the weather sitting in the outdoor of the balcony after spending all the months cooped up inside. It is better to compile a small space balcony rather than dreaming of a lavish roof garden which isn’t a reality for a lot of apartment dwellers.

Here are some of the 3 ways which will help you to live large in small space balcony and enjoy the weather:-


small space

If you want variety then plant a lot of green and seasonal plants in your small spaced balcony as a décor element for refreshing a space. By hanging your garden on the wall and adding the earthiness of a wooden pallet you can updo the area and make it one like a tropical forest. Besides creating a dreamy space in your home that everyone loves, plants also helps to keep the area cool. A faux garden moss rug available everywhere can be used to carpet the In order to add ethnic yet styled floor look, you can create a permanent rangoli pattern on the floor which is loved by Indians.

Create altogether a new world


More comfort can be provided in the small space by using customized furniture like the wall- mounted counter with bar chairs as well as a sofa with a smaller width. Have you ever seen the beauty of sparkling and twinkling lights just above your head in the sky that makes you believe that you are under the stars? In order to have a magical experience in the evenings, you should adorn the space with twinkling lights and paper You can also use Moroccan lights and scented candles on the side table to make the area look more attractive and charming. So, all it requires is practical design to make it beautiful and make your balcony a new world to live in.

Go arty by hanging a hammock


By hanging a hammock it could be a perfect place for a small outdoor siesta where you can put your feet up and relax after a tiring day at work. It is said that hammocks are only for beaches but one has never thought of utilizing small spaces around their house. It is not possible for everyone in a city apartment to accommodate a bulky Earlier, we used to see swings in bigger colonies of suburban homes. So, in order to be creative one should try to bring the beachside hammock to the balcony. Use your judgment wisely while hanging it. Make sure that the place where you hang it is a safe and sturdy spot because all balconies would not be appropriate for this. The look can be completed with the help of some plant life, a wicker or a beach chair. As tables and a few chairs work well in a large spaced balcony so in order to make your small balcony look beautiful you should try fixing a hammock as it takes your balcony to another level.


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