#5 Summer Home Decorating Tips To Keep It Cool!!!

Home Decorating Tip
Home Decorating Tip
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Holla!!! Today we are going to help you with some amazing summer home decorating tips that will help you to keep your home ambience cool, calm and pleasant.

Hope you enjoyed the cool climate and wintry winds around in December.  Now that we can feel summers has really made it presence in warm and discomforting ways, it’s time to get serious about decorating home to keep it cool in summers.

Here is our top summer home decorating tips to cool your home and calm your senses!!!

Summer Home Decorating Tip 1: #Choose Light Coloured Linens and Curtains

Home Decorating Tip
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Linen and curtains play an important role when it comes to living room and bedroom decor. These are our leisure rooms and it is very important for its decor to be pleasant and comforting. Entering bedroom should make one feel relaxed and stress free or sitting in the living room should give cool positive vibes that is the reason why one should opt for light colored linens and curtains especially in the summers. Choose colors like peach, icy grays, light blue, mint green, beige, white, or baby pink to at least maintain the illusion of cool in summers. Go for shades that soothes your eyes, and also brighten ups the look of your home.

Summer Home Decorating Tip 2: #Add Pops of Color to the Kitchen

Home Decorating Tip
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If you are ever confused while choosing colors than lighten your lights and darken your darks to create contrast.  Add a pop of colors to the kitchen by using colorful planters, bowls, and fruit baskets. You can also work on the dining table decor by adding bright colored chairs and table accessories. Let the summer decor for kitchen look bright and colorful as it boosts a lot of positive vibes and energy in the ambiance around.                                        

Summer Home Decorating Tip 3: #Try Bohemian Decor Look

Home Decorating Tip
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Bohemian decor is a cherry on the cake for your beautiful home!! Vibrant colors, a mix of patterns and flowers everywhere in any form real, painted and printed will make the living room “cheerful, vivid and dramatic.” Flowers add a natural tone of color and brightness to the decor while the bohemian style adds an ooze of style to the summer decor.

Summer Home Decorating Tip 4: #Pile on Pillow Leisure

Home Decorating Tip
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Pile up cushions and pillows in leisure spaces like bed, sofas, and chairs in living room or outdoor sitting area or balcony sitting area. Use printed cotton cushion covers, or mix match the monotones or solid colors whichever suits best to your home decor style.  Piling up cushions and pillow makes the sitting spaces much more comfortable and cozy.

Summer Home Decorating Tip 5: #Add Flowers and Fragrance in the Room

Home Decorating Tip
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Who doesn’t like the calming fragrance soothing their senses after long day? Summers makes you feel drained and tired especially the hot afternoons and the humid nights. When you add a bunch of fresh flowers and scented candles to the center table top at the living room or bedside tables at bedroom it gives a blissful feel to the ambiance. You can also add fresh flowers to the kitchen giving a bright and fresh look to the decor.


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  1. Very unique ideas. In summer its very important to stay active after a drained work at office. Specially that scented candles and flower idea should be done by everyone. Thanks and keep writing.

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