Amazing DIY Home Decor Hacks for New Year Party 2017!!!

DIY decor
DIY decor
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How do you plan to celebrate this New Year? Be it grand or just a small get together or somewhere in between these easy DIY decor hacks are surely going to help you!!

Your home reflects your personality and choices. If you like living in well decorated space and like your house to look a designer one; you can do it yourself with these DIY home decor ideas. These ideas will change your house from boring to colorful and decorative that also without burning hole in your pockets.

Here are some easy and cheap DIY home decors hacks for you to try out this party season and give your house a customised look.

  1. DIY Decor: Fancy Christmas Lamps:
DIY decor
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Let’s step wise make these pretty lamps to decorate the table tops!!

  • Things you need for making these lamps; cardboard, hard plastic net, colorful strings, ribbons, led lights, scissors, glue, stapler and some decorative.
  • Make a cone shape of the cardboard or a thick chart paper and stick the strings or hard plastic net using glue.
  • Once it dries cut the cardboard paper and staple colorful ribbons at the border.
  • Add decoratives and led lights inside the lamp or decorate the lamp from outside and place it on the tea-light candle.
  • Your Christmas DIY lamps are ready to flaunt!!
  1. DIY Decor : Glitter Candle 2017:
DIY decor
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Welcome your guests and let your home sparkle with love with these beautiful DIY glitter candles 2017.

  • All you need to make these glittering beauties; 4 big size white block aroma candles/ plain candles, 4 colors of glitter, pencil and glue.
  • To make this DIY home décor firstly write 2017 using a pencil on the candle.
  • Paste glue on the entire candle except for the inner design of the numbers drawn.
  • Dip the candles one by one in different colours of glitters respectively.
  • Tap the candles to wear off the excess glitter.
  • Let it dry for a day or two.
  • You DIY 2017 glitter candles are now ready to give a gorgeous home decor look!!
  1. DIY Décor: Party Caps:

Parties are incomplete without props like caps and hats!! Let’s make some quirky caps and hand-painted caps for adding a style statement to the party!!

DIY decor
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  • You will need plain cone shape party caps, metallic colours like silver or golden, big sized decorative diamond stones, silver /golden sequences, glitter and glue.
  • Apply glue on the edges or ends of the cap and stick the decoratives as per your choice.
  • Let it dry for a day and your DIY party caps are ready!!!
  1. DIY Decor: Christmas Walls:

Why to keep the walls look plain and boring when you can add a lot of style and drama to it!! Add some festive vibes to the walls by adding some amazing hand-painted wall plates.  Go for designs that are painted with Christmas theme or something that goes well with the festive decor. Try to mishmash various colorful designs and create a new wall art decor. 

DIY decor
Personalised Christmas Wall Plates
  1. DIY Decor: Wine Glasses:
DIY decor
(Image Courtesy: Brit + Co)

Party means lots of fun with lots of people, so how will you know which glass is yours?

All that glitters is gold with this decorative solution!!! Show your artistic side and make your plain wine glasses to quirky glitter glasses.

  • For this you will need transparent glue and colorful glitters as per your glasses.
  • Apply transparent glue on the bottom rim of the glass and sprinkle glitter on it.
  • Let it dry and your glittery wine glasses are ready to be used in party.
  • Note* Use different colour glitter for each glass, it will make easy for distinguishing.
  1. DIY Decor: Festive Sofa Decor

DIY decor

“There’s nothing much you can do about the sofa when it comes to decorating”- this statement is totally a myth!! In fact, you can make the sofas look really attractive and classy if you work rightly with cushion covers. Choose embroidery cushion covers with pom-poms, checkered shaggy fringe cushion covers, Mughal block printed cushion covers, and ombre cushion covers to give the sofa a classic decor look.

  1. DIY Decor: Cafe Style Appetiser Serving
DIY decor
(Image Courtesy: TripAdvisor)

Serve your guests amazing delicacies made by you in a restaurant style at home by using nicely handcrafted wooden platters. You can also use marble or metal platters, chip dip platters, and shot glass platters to create your own stylish dining table.

 Hope these amazing ideas of DIY Decor help you to give a handcrafted twist to your beautiful homes this New Year!!!


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