How Can You Choose The Perfect Color For Your Home?

perfect color

perfect color

If you have decided to paint your home but are unsure of what color you must choose or what type of color you want to use then begin the process with a reference point. The easiest way to choose the perfect color is to start with the color you love the most. By using your own favorite color as the base color you can use that color to create a color scheme around it. You also need to think of a piece of artwork, a photograph you like, what color you already have in your room and in your wardrobe. This will help you a lot to know where you want to begin.

Are you looking for inspiration everywhere? Try to find out the view from every part of your home like from your windows. If you have a tree that you love, draw your eye there and choose a bold or similar or a contrasting color on the wall. Also, take notes of other types of designs like lines or strips. You can repeat the same process in your whole house.

Three rules that you need to keep in mind while choosing the perfect color.

  • When choosing your colors, you need to start by choosing the boldest color and then go with the first color that strikes your mind.
  • Your room can look great with the use of more than one color. But if you follow this rule then try not to use more than three colors for your room. If you are choosing two bold colors for your room then try choosing neutral as your third color to give a break to your eye.
  • Don’t get scared! Paint can always be changed as it is temporary.

Putting it all together

Here are some sample combinations that will help you to choose the perfect color for your home.perfect color

  • You can choose a neutral color for your walls and also have a darker color for them. Neutrals not only means greys, whites, and beiges but also include darker colors like blue, black, brown and olive. Yes, blue is also a neutral color. Just think how every color of your tops or tees goes with the blue denim.
  • If you want a light neutral or are looking to add just a light wash of color then grey goes better than beige. Grey family provides you with more variations or tones to choose from than beige. If you choose a grey color, then go for grey variations in other sample cards rather than switching to only grey sample cards.

perfect color

  • If you are choosing a bold color with a vintage feel then add grey to it as a light neutral instead of choosing beige. This perfect color will provide a modern look to your home.
  • If you choose yellow as the main color for your spaces then try to balance it out with some neutral color. When you are choosing a white color with yellow then keep a check on how much yellow in the white you are choosing. Make sure you don’t have a reflection from the yellow wall onto the white wall because it will make it appear dingy.
  • If you prefer to avoid white but want yellow then try to pair it with a grey. While choosing white, choose a base grey carefully. If it will have yellow in it then it will also appear dingy. Opt for a blue-grey instead of yellow-grey.
  • If you choose to go with brown color then try using it on the wall by a window so that the light gets reflected from the lighter wall. Always remember that warmer browns always reflect light better.
  • If you prefer using a red color then think about the base color. Orange reds look warmer and are easier to work with rather than blue-red. Try not to use the brighter color on the two big walls. Use the bright color for a smaller amount of one of the walls.
  • Use pink color to add warm complementary tone to the lighting in the room. Make it sophisticated by using it with a dark color. Go for a slightly orange undertone rather than too much red in them to make your pink look like a bubble gum.
  • Don’t get afraid of using two shades of green in the same room. Just use the base white to make sure it has the same base as the two shades of green.
  • Pairing purple color with warm colors brings out the natural warmth of purple. Try to add a grey color to the mix to provide a modern look.

perfect colorThe choice of color totally depends on the ambiance or atmosphere you want to create for your house. You can choose neutral color if you want an elegant look, you can choose different shades to provide a vibrant look, or can choose the same shade or a monochromatic approach to provide a subtle and soothing look. Color is a very personal choice where you need to consider many factors before choosing the perfect color for your home. Don’t get afraid to go with your instincts while choosing the color.



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