Candid conversation with Decor Expert Rittika Chokhany

If you’re a décor enthusiast, you must’ve already heard about this décor diva who doesn’t need an introduction, Rittika. CraftedIndia got into a candid conversation with her to learn about home décor trends and getting her pro tips that can surely be your home interior goals in 2018!

Let’s see what Rittika thinks and has to say when it comes to décor industry in India and the trends that one should never miss on!

1) What do you think about the Decor Industry in India?

I think our Decor Industry has come of age, in the sense that we are completely in tune with decor trends from around the world and setting some trends of our own. There was a time when we would see pretty pictures in magazines and could never hope to achieve the look here because of the unavailability of products. Now you have to think it and it’s possible.

And yet, I think we are babies in terms of the percentage of people who use professionals for home decor. Many think it’s unnecessary to hire a designer. They don’t realize the value that a designer can add in terms of expertise. It is assumed that hiring a designer will increase project cost. But it is actually the other way round. A good designer will be able to tell you the most cost-effective way in which to achieve a look and protect you from expensive mistakes.


2) Could you share the current decor trend that you are looking forward to imbibing in your style?

I usually use a lot of color, texture and natural materials in my decor. I am loving the Scandinavian decor style which is trending currently. It also involves the use of plenty of texture and natural materials, but minus the color. The palette is more pale and light and is great for the small apartments we live in. I am sure I will be using more of it, especially in smaller spaces.


3) What’s your take on desi decor and handicrafts?

Desi decor and handicrafts are evergreens and with so many stories to tell. I think of ‘desi’ up north and I imagine bright phulkari cushions and throws. I think ‘desi’ down south and I picture brass urlis and peacock lamps. You can use them to tell your own story, give your home your personal touch… and they never go out of style.


4) One thing to NEVER use and one MUST have for home-styling.

Never say ‘never’ is the only time I use that word! What is ‘yum’ to one person can be ‘yuck’ to another. And the same thing which looks ordinary in one setting and glamorous in another.

But my MUST have for every space is plants. They literally bring life to every room and I keep a stem of money plant in a glass jar even in my bathroom!


5) Please share some decor tips for the new-age decor bloggers.

-Keep comfort and function in mind when designing a space and work the aesthetics around that.

-Don’t blindly follow trends. Go with what you genuinely love. Because trends will change and then you might be stuck with something you don’t like.

-Don’t be afraid to experiment and make your own style. If you follow your heart you’ll probably get it right.

-Use plants!


We are really glad to have gotten these picturesque insights from Rittika Chokhany, let us know your thoughts about the same through the comments below.


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