Decor Mistakes You Must Avoid

When it comes to home decor, there is an infinite number of ideas that come into your mind. But, many of these ideas may not turn into a successful exhibit. There are some key rules to keep in mind for avoiding any blunder while decorating your house. Find out some of the most common mistakes and start decorating your house today.

Painting walls without testing

decor mistake
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The paint you use on the walls of your house is the main element of your home decor. You should never start painting the walls without testing. It is highly recommended to bring small containers of your favorite paints of choice and do a patch test before choosing the final colors.

Ignoring the green effect

decor mistake

It is important to maintain the right amount of greenery inside the house by placing some indoor plants. You should place just the right amount of house plants and avoid making your house turn into a nursery or garden.

Cluttered photo frames

decor mistake
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The decor idea of making a huge photo gallery has become old now. There are many people who place way too many photo frames on their wall and make the space cluttered looking. You should avoid that and place a few photo frames on bookshelves and table tops.

Being theme obsessed

decor mistake
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One of the best decorating ideas is to follow a theme for your space, but you should see the fine line between theme based decor and theme obsessed overly done decor. Your space should have the right amount of elements and colors to create the theme of the decor.

Unbalanced furniture

decor mistake
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When it comes to the furniture, it is most important to maintain the right proportion and balance. In case you have a bigger sized sofa set in your living room, then you should go easy with the size of the coffee table.

Wires everywhere

The worst looking things in your house have the hanging wires around the room at the top of its list. You should always try to hide these wires for a more sleek and tidy look. You can use some box to hide them or you can simply slip them behind tables and other furniture. They just don’t look bad, but they are also dangerous if you have small children and pet animals at home.


Wrong Lampdecor mistake

A beautiful lampshade provides an elegant and beautiful look, but it should compliment your room properly. An oversized lamp shade can really set the mood off and does not look graceful. A lampshade should be chosen according to the size and style of the room.

Too much decoration

decor mistake
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It is well known that overdoing anything always has bad results. You should not go crazy with your home decor and try to maintain the grace and beauty of your space.

Avoiding foyer

decor mistake
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A foyer is one of the most important spaces in your room while decorating as all the guests see this area first and it creates the first impression. It should be decluttered and look neat and clean with a little decor on the walls. You can adjust a nice rug on the floor to avoid dust to enter your living room.

With no focal point

 Many people avoid the most important part of the room decor which is the focal point. It is something that draws the attention of everyone that enters your house and it is the most impressive part of the whole decor.


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