Home Décor Styles Of Bollywood Stars Which Are Definitely Worth A Look

Home Décor

Home décor is something that has descended from pop culture into everyday life and the credit for that goes to our celebrities. We’re not saying that people didn’t always want their homes to look beautiful but the ways of doing it have surely evolved over the course of the last 5-6 years. With the advent of social media platforms, people have a window into the lives of their favourite stars which makes it easier for them to emulate their glamorous lives in whichever way they can. Home decoration, of course, is arguably the most attractive aspect of this phenomenon. Some people are taking inspiration while others are going all the way to make sure that the resemblance between their house and that of the celebrity makes their house look gorgeous. Now let’s see which celebrity home décor makes it to the list.

Home Décor
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Alia Bhatt has been the talk of the town for her acting skills in several of her movies. But that’s not the only part of her life that has garnered attention. The 23-year old A-list star has her home in Juhu, Mumbai designed by Richa Bahl and has an old New Yorkish feel to it which is what the actress wanted. The house looks just as elegant as the owner herself and people can surely take a leaf out of her book.

Home Décor
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There are a few people whose personalities reflect onto every aspect of their lives and Irrfan Khan is no exception to this. One of the few actors in the country who has made a mark globally has a home which has a sense of uniqueness about it much like the actor himself. The interiors done by Shabnam Gupta include a pond of all things which just goes to show that acting is not the only place where Irrfan is different from the rest. The house in its entirety is a spectacle to behold with a swing in the living room. There are artifacts throughout the house which add to the beauty and make it difficult but susceptible to being replicated in some way or the other.

Home Décor
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The ‘Queen’ of Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut, has a home which boasts of elegance and simplicity. One of Bollywood’s premier actresses has her own house in Mumbai which is designed to keep her connected to her origins. The colours in the house give the house a mountainous look. There are numerous antiques in the house which makes every glance worthy of a portrait. This one is definitely worth looking into if you are planning to emulate a home décor style.

Home Décor
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One of the top actresses in Hollywood, Academy Award-winner Jennifer Lawrence has her own mansion in Beverly Hills which is quite stylishly decorated. The actress has made sure that the house has been suited, to her preferences and it looks stunning, to say the least. As Hollywood celebrities are known to change houses every once in a while, so it makes it easier for them to change things in accordance with the change in taste and that’s exactly what Jennifer does. Her mansion looks sophisticated in every way and is in sharp contrast to the personality of the actress herself who is very candid and carefree and unabashedly so.
We would advise having your own taste to the mix to match your sensibilities since it will be you living in your home and not the star whose home you are taking inspiration from.


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