How to Take Care of Home Decor in Monsoon

home decor
home decor
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While decorating home we always keep in mind to infuse latest design decor products that goes well with the interiors making it look unique. Traditional/vintage home decor is the new trend followed around the world. Now day’s people are demanding for traditional handmade decor products and antique handicrafts; these decor products always look exquisite and don’t fade with time. Handicraft offers a variety of home decor product range to choose from, furniture to flooring to textiles. It’s a creation that gives your home interiors into a unique look. It is very important to take care & maintain these handcrafted home decor products, especially during monsoon.

Here we are with some easy and useful tips that will help you enjoy this monsoon without worrying about your home decor.

  • Wooden showpiece and figurines add exquisite charm to the home decor and are expensive too. Wooden decor always needs some extra care during monsoon because of heavy moisture level in the air. There are always high chances of wood swelling due to moisture. To protect these wooden home decor from moist take little precautions, avoid using a damp cloth for cleaning always use a dry cloth. If the ceiling is leaking or the walls are getting damp try changing the place of wooden decor.
  • Carpets and rugs are the most important part of our home decor as they uplift the overall look of the interiors. It is vital to keep your carpets clean and free from dampness in monsoon. It is very important to clean dirt molds or any residual by vacuuming at least twice a week. Regular dusting is must as it helps remove shredding dead fibres and flies which may cause allergies and itching in the rainy season. If you accidentally spill any food or beverage that causes dampness on the carpet, it is advised to spread the carpet in the sun to dry or under the fan. Most people avoid using rugs in the monsoon season to prevent any damage altogether. While you are storing away your carpet for the monsoon, remember to roll it, instead of folding. Also, add silica gel pouches to the stored carpet for absorption of any remaining or existing dampness. Carpets if kept clean and maintained well, will last long for years.
  • Metal handicrafts not only look attractive but are prone to catch rust if not taken care. In monsoon the risk of exposure to moisture is high and metal handicrafts can easily catch rust and this may spoil its look. With proper care and maintenance, you can keep the beauty of these metal decor objects last long. Cleaning and dusting is a must and should be done regularly. Use a dry soft cloth for cleaning. Check for the finger prints and wipe it completely or else it would be clearly visible and bring down the luster of these decor showpieces.
  • Leather home decor and accessories like bags, shoes, chair and sofa covers on which you have spent a fortune can get ruined because of moisture and dampness during monsoon. But if you follow some simple tips then you can save your expensive decor and accessories and flaunt them forever!!! The first and most important rule to save your leather bags is never leaving them wet for too long. As soon as you enter the home to keep the leather bag for drying or else they will catch fungus and get ruined completely. Keep them under the fan overnight as this will help to absorb all the moisture. There are higher chances of dirt and dust to get accumulated on the leather sofa covers, ensure that you gently brush it daily. In case, if you don’t prefer to use your leather bags or shoes during monsoon, cover them with a dry cloth and put some silica gel packets in it before keeping them in the wardrobe. This will not let the moisture in and protect your leather accessories from catching any fungus.
  • Bed sheets & cushion covers not only gives a subtle look to the bedroom but also should be clean and hygienic. Keep bed sheets and cushion covers fresh and odour free with this simple and low-cost idea. Camphor balls are a great option for keeping in the wardrobe or bed drawers as they absorb moisture and prevent bed sheets and cushion covers from a bad smell. In case you want to go for something more natural, neem leaves or cloves will serve the same purpose.
  • Garden chairs that are nylon webbed and handcrafted wooden coffee table should be kept indoors to prevent chipping of paint or cracking of wood.

We hope these tips help you to protect and maintain your beautiful home decor products without any damage this monsoon season!!!


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