Indian Handicrafts: The Latest Decor Trend of 2017

Indian handicrafts
Indian handicrafts
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Indian handicrafts are known for its ethnic glory and inimitable designs reflecting the artistic culture of the country.  People keep searching for new decor trends for their home interiors, cafes, restaurant, hotels and other living spaces. Now day’s vintage and antique decor has become a trend. These decor designs make home interiors look beautiful. It also helps to attract visitors who enjoy the ambience around such cafes and restaurants. Indian handicraft products is the latest decor trend of 2017 and are in high demand worldwide.  People are trying to implement more of handcrafted decor to their interiors. Indian handicrafts not only look lavish but adds vintage style to the decor.

Infuse Indian Handicraft in Home Decor:

Home!!! It reflects our personality, style, choice and way of living. We all love to decorate our home in a unique style making it look very beautiful. Indian style interior design never fails to give an exotic look to our homes. It is the most exquisite, interesting yet complex decor style to work with. Due to different cultures and arts of India, Indian handicraft product has many variants to choose from. Indian handicrafts are the latest decor trend of 2017, which can give your home decor an updated look. Be it entry way or bedroom Indian handicrafts are available for decorating every corner of home. From metal crafts to colorful textiles, Indian handicrafts can make your home decor look rich and classy. You can add huge traditional paintings like Phad painting, Madhubani painting, Mughal painting on walls at living room. Dhokra showpiece and figurines gives a rich vintage look when placed on table tops, wall shelf and corner tables.  Meenakari vases and table clocks gives an antique decor look to the coffee tables, balcony space, wall shelf etc. Hand woven carpets from Kashmir give a gorgeous rich design to the floor complimenting overall home decor. Glass table lamps and cane lampshades gives a classy look to the bed tables and study tables. These are few examples of exquisite Indian handicrafts that can change the overall look of your home decor.

Indian handicrafts
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Indian Handicrafts & Bollywood Industry:

The Bollywood industry has always boosted Indian handicrafts. Since film is the representation of real life, these cultures are generally inculcated in various stories along with the use of aesthetic appeal of local arts in production design that offers an audience a satiating viewing experience of rich Indian culture. With the changing times, the production value for a film got expensive with exorbitant different art sets and designs. Indian film industry especially Bollywood is always tempted for lavish and royal sets. Movies like Mughal-e-Azam, Pakeezah, Parasmani, Umrao Jaan, Devdas, Bajirao Mastani, Jodha Akbar, Mohenjo-Daro are some instances of memorable masterpiece showcasing Indian art in each of its aspects.

In the movie Jodha Akbar the sets, costumes, jewellery and every element around showcases Indian heritage art and culture. The jewellery worn by the lead actress “Aishwarya Rai Bachchan” shows the exquisite art of Meenakari and Kundan jewel making. These designs were loved by the people worldwide and had become a new trend that could be seen in all Indian weddings.

Indian handicrafts
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Indian Handicrafts Decor Trend at Cafes & Restaurants:

Cafes and restaurants are adopting vintage decor style making the ambience look lavish and classy. Indian handicraft products add vintage style to interior design taking us back to the Maharaja era where everything around used to be Royal. Some like to keep the cafe interiors simply traditional while some cafe interiors have an ethnic twist in their modern decor. Indian handicraft products like dhokra showpiece and figurines, blue pottery mosaic lamps, metal crafts, carved wooden servers, pottery plates and bowls, marble or copper wine glasses, bamboo chairs, cane tables, hand-painted spoons and spatulas, ethnic print cushions and many more are used for adding ethnic touch to the interiors at cafes, restaurants and hotels. These products are purely handmade, so the designs are quite unique and cannot be easily found in other cafe’s interiors. This is what helps each cafe to give a distinguished look to their decor and mesmerise their guests. Indian handicrafts are available in various forms and designs as per the art of each state of the country. So you can easily choose the best decor designs that match the theme of your cafes and restaurants. Many foreign tourists visit places like Rajasthan to enjoy a Royal stay and explore the beauty of Indian art. Cafe and restaurants here showcase the beauty of Indian art by adding Indian handicrafts to their decor keeping the theme very ethnic and traditional. Even the cafes and restaurants in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata are adapting the ethnic & vintage decor theme.

Indian handicrafts
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