New Year Resolutions taken by the Top Home Decor Bloggers (2018)

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Hello readers, today we will be talking about an amazing activity conducted by CraftedIndia that will surely inspire your home decor goals as the top home decor bloggers have come up with their New Year decor resolutions!

Know what your favorite decor blogger have to say about their home decor ideas for 2018.

1. Celebrations Decor by Dr. Lakshmi Arvind:

Dr Lakshmi Arvind of Celebrations Decor shares her New Year’s Resolution around Home Decor emphasizing on home that are collection of memories!!!

2. My Dream Canvas by Anuradha Varma:

Anuradha believes in home styling that is well done by self expression in its truest form and we can really see it in her New Year decor resolution.

3. Sajavat by Sangita Anand:

Sangita Anand resolution will surely inspire Indianism within you!! Her take on traditional art and craft is her decor mantra to “Go Desi.”

4. Home Is Heaven by Rashmi Chandra:

 Rashmi Chandra of Home Is Heaven shares her New Year’s Resolution making us all think outside the box!!

5. Julieanne Henry Interior Design by Julieanne Henry

Julieanne Henry shares her home decor’s New Year resolution with an intent to make it interesting and lively.  

6. Trumatter by Rukmini Roy Kadam

Rukmini Roy’s resolution is truly inspiring as she is looking forward to promote traditional arts by infusing handicrafts in her home decor as she believes it directly supports the local craftsmen.

No truer words have been spoken!!

7. Ariyona Interior by Ritika:

Ritika’s take on 2018 resolution is imbibing handicrafts to take your home decor notch higher.

8. Healthy Living by Sangeeta Khanna

Sangeeta Khanna’s resolution is surely going to make your home decor needs go colorful, bright and antique.

9. DecorDrama by Sharon DSouza:

Sharon DSouza founder of DecorDrama and decor blog‘s New Year’s Resolution is something we must all thrive to achieve.

10. AA Living by RAnand Khira

Beginning the New Year on a decor-filled note, Rohina Anand Khira of AA Living shares her 2018 resolution to make a happier looking home!

We are simply amazed by seeing such inspirational home decor resolutions taken by the top notch home decor bloggers and all we can see is their vision to promote traditional arts and handicrafts!

(P.S. If you want to share your New Years Resolution around Home Decor with us, comment below and get featured)


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