Raghurajpur: The Indian Crafts Village & Hub of Artisans

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Incredible India!!! It’s a right tag given to the country. India is a hub of various artisans and craftsmen having their unique skills and is masters in their traditional art form. In the heart of the country lies this village of crafts “Raghurajpur”.  

Situated amidst groves of coconut, palm, mango and jack fruit, Raghurajpur is a village in Puri district, Orissa is known for its Pattachitra craft, beside many other practised. The main village has two streets with over 120 houses, most decorated with mural paintings, where the painters reside and practice their Pattachitra craft, and many others. Continue Reading

Ganjifa: Time to Revive the Lost Heritage Art of Game

ganjifa art

ganjifa art

“Ganjifa Art” is the name given to the heritage Indian game of playing cards. It’s the beautiful artwork done on playing cards mostly circular in shape. Historically this game is believed to have been brought to India and popularised during the Moghul period. Quite aptly the name Ganjifa comes from the Persian word “Ganjifeh” which means playing cards.

The speciality of these cards is that they are traditionally hand-painted. The cards are typically circular although some rectangular decks have been produced. This was a game that was popular and played across Medieval India. Each region in the country had its own form of the game. There was the Sawantwadi Ganjifa from Maharashtra, Navadurga Ganjifa from Orissa, Rajasthan and Gujarat Ganjifa, Kashmir Ganjifa, Nepal Ganjifa and the Mysooru Ganjifa which was greatly patronized by the Mysore Royal family during their reign. Continue Reading

Phulkari: Live the Traditional Art of Punjab

(Image Courtesy: Crica 1905 Clifton & Co. Bombay)

“Phulkari” is not just a traditional art; it is the story of emotions, love, colours, culture and traditions of Punjab. The origin of this beautiful art of Phulkari embroidery traced back to the 15th century AD. Its relevance, in the lives of the people, has not diminished even today and continues to form an integral part of all marriage, birth, festivals and ceremonies taking place in Punjab. Continue Reading

Indian Handicrafts: Struggle of E-Commerce to Portray the Artisans Globally

Indian handicrafts represent the eons old art, culture and traditions of India. These crafts are a representation of the many unique sub-cultures within the country. Today Indian handicrafts are included in our day to day life decor and utility. The blend of modern and ethnic decor is a new trend. Today even after facing many issues and lack of basic requirements the artisans are thriving hard to keep their art alive.

The treasures of India’s handicrafts and textiles that once occupied a pride of place in the lives of royalty today lie lost in the chronicles of time!!! Fighting a battle of survival with the trends-driven dynamics of the contemporary marketplace, the artisans are struggling to keep the traditional art of India alive along with the help of government and private sectors. Continue Reading

Latest Designs of Key Holder for Wall to Buy Online

Key Holder For Wall Online India CraftedIndia

Designer 2017 key holder online

Key Holder for wall is an essential decor accessory that can change the overall look of the wall. A wall key holder can make the room look well organized and neat. It is very important to choose right design of key holder that not only matches well with the wall but also uplifts the look of the plain walls. To buy best designs of key holders for wall visit this website CraftedIndia. They have a huge collection of handmade wall decors including key holder for walls, ceramic wall plates, dhokra art frame and many more. The products here are different forms of handicrafts made by skilled craftsmen from every corner of India. So today let’s discover some amazing designs of key holder for wall at CraftedIndia. Continue Reading

The Exquisite Art of Making Jaipur Blue Pottery

blue pottery

blue pottery art (Image Courtesy: Pinterest)

Jaipur, The “Pink City” of Rajasthan is known for its rich culture and Blue pottery art. When we talk about Jaipur, the first thing that strikes our mind is the long stretch of market selling traditional handicrafts. This city is known for manufacturing different variety of handicrafts like camel leather products, mojari, blue pottery products, handcrafted silver ornaments and a lot more. As you step into old city of Jaipur, you can see beautiful azure all around. Blue pottery, ever so elegant and always fragile, is a craft Pink City is celebrated for.  Continue Reading

Sneaking In Some Best Decor Rooms Using Products from CraftedIndia

Hello, readers out there!!! It’s been a long time we haven’t sneaked in some best decor rooms. I was going through many online sites selling home & living decor and I was amazed to see their incredible collections of handicrafts, Wow!!! Today, I will be talking about one of these sites which just blew my mind with its spectacular decor collections. CraftedIndia’s home decor products are a true example of authentic Indian art with a modern twist. I am sneaking in one gorgeous post full of best decor room goodness for you.

Let’s see, if sneaking in some best decor rooms embellished using products from CraftedIndia proves useful to us for recreating a unique style in our beautiful homes!!!

best decor rooms

This beautifully decorated living room would look incomplete without this multicoloured wall clock!! Don’t you feel the same? The amalgamation of colours in the clock is a perfect blend of bright shades that uplifts the look of any light coloured wall. Continue Reading



Colourful flowers, sparkling sand and coconut water invited summer!!!

The temperature is setting high with the rising level of mercury!! Scorching heat of summer constantly drains us out. It is necessary to stay hydrated and maintain a healthy diet during summers. Keeping up with style is a task these days, it is very important especially in summer to choose right colours that not only look stylish but makes you feel comfortable too. Also, using right shades of decor helps to keep the ambience calm, sober and bright.

Today let us help you with some Blooming trends & chilling foods to try this summer, for keeping you hydrated all the time and also make your style a flawless one!!!

Let the flowers bloom:

Floral prints are back again!!! Go for bright colour dresses with big or small floral prints. Always prefer shades like orange, yellow, sky blue, white, pink and other light shades for achieving the desired look. Light colours never fail in summer and always make you feel comfortable in it. Try to go for Cotton, Khadi, Georgette, Mul Cotton and other light fabrics. These fabrics are skin friendly and do not cause rashes or itching.

summer Continue Reading

Best Things to do in Kashmir with Friends

things to do in Kashmir

“Agar Firdaus ba roy-i zamin ast, hamin ast-u hamin ast-u hamin ast,” – Jahangir.

If there is heaven on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here!!!

Are you tired with the hectic daily routine at work and back home, same old life and nothing new? Then all you need is to take out sometime and go for an adventurous trip with your friends to add some thrill and fun in life.

Summer is near, and to escape from the scorching sun and blazing heat all you need to do is plan an adventurous trip to Kashmir. There are many things to do in Kashmir with friends like adventure, activities, camping, trekking and more. The best time to experience this never like before fun and to explore the beauty of this “Heaven on earth” is from March to October.

Below are listed the best things to do in Kashmir with friends. Continue Reading

10 Unbelievable Places To Visit That Actually Exist in World

Zhangye Danxia Landform, China

“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.”

Tell this beauty of nature or blessings, these 10 unbelievable places will blow your mind!!

It is hard to believe that in today’s world of mechanism and all man-made places exists the beauty of nature that no man can ever make. These places will make your jaw drop with its colorful, calm, uncluttered and untouched content beauty. You should visit this place at least once in your lifetime and experience the view of these 10 unbelievable places that actually exist in world.

Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

tunnel of love, ukraine

The tunnel of love is a section of industrial railway located near Kelvan, Ukraine that connects with Orzhiv. It is a 3 to 5 km long stretch in length with eye-pleasing green arches. This place is known as one of the favourite places for couples for a romantic walk. It is a beauty of nature that you will surely fall in love with!!
Continue Reading

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