Sneaking In Some Best Decor Rooms Using Products from CraftedIndia

Hello, readers out there!!! It’s been a long time we haven’t sneaked in some best decor rooms. I was going through many online sites selling home & living decor and I was amazed to see their incredible collections of handicrafts, Wow!!! Today, I will be talking about one of these sites which just blew my mind with its spectacular decor collections. CraftedIndia’s home decor products are a true example of authentic Indian art with a modern twist. I am sneaking in one gorgeous post full of best decor room goodness for you.

Let’s see, if sneaking in some best decor rooms embellished using products from CraftedIndia proves useful to us for recreating a unique style in our beautiful homes!!!

best decor rooms

This beautifully decorated living room would look incomplete without this multicoloured wall clock!! Don’t you feel the same? The amalgamation of colours in the clock is a perfect blend of bright shades that uplifts the look of any light coloured wall.

best decor rooms

For those who love to keep it simple and elegant this is a perfect idea for giving the living room a new look!! Let the walls be plain and enhance the look with the bird wall clock. Its gorgeous bird motifs will give a designer look to the walls. Be it light or dark coloured wall this clock will just look perfect. Also it is available at very reasonable price at CraftedIndia.

You definitely don’t want to miss out on some other design from the collection of wall art at CraftedIndia. 

best decor rooms

Paintings add life to the dull lifeless walls!! Also they are the best way to embellish rich colour textured walls and fill in the empty spaces between the walls. Best decor rooms can be created using paintings and wall hangings. You will find many paintings online at CraftedIndia. The above picture shows one of my favourite from their collections. It is a phad painting painted in very artistic style using natural colours. It is a devotional painting of Lord Tirupati Balaji with the phad art. If you see carefully you will notice designs painted in the portrait.

This painting fascinated me and I am surely buying it, click here if you wish to buy the same. 


best decor rooms

Digital paintings have their own unique charm!!! Use solid colours like blue, gold & brown in the living room. Enhance the look by adding block printed throw cushions, lamps, vases and a beautiful painting. This colorful painting of Ganesha will not only make your decor look classy but add a touch of serenity to it.

best decor rooms If you are not fond of paintings then go for wall plates. Hand-painted wall plates create amazing decor rooms. Ceramic wall plates look exquisite and give a subtle look to the decor. Adorn the bedroom & living room with these hand-painted wall plates and make the wall a masterpiece!!! This piece of art is a perfect example of ethnic art with modern twist!!

best decor rooms The blue pottery vase just stole my heart!!! Combination of azure and white design looks very elegant and can make a drastic change in the look of the decor. Adding a bunch of colorful flowers is just an eye pleasing view. You should surely try this look by adding blue pottery vases and planters to the balcony, garden or table tops. This looks truly amazing!!

best decor rooms Isn’t the picture enough to describe? Buddha sculpture made of resin makes this decor piece antique and a must have!!!  I was going through the range of sculptures made using resin and there are many attractive designs to fall for. This being one of my favourite, I thought of posting it on the blog.

Bookends are great decor option!!! They look amazing when placed on wall shelf or table. It is a form of showpiece with utility. This design from CraftedIndia’s collection of handcrafted metal and wood bookends. The design of horse is quite unique and a great add on to the modern home decor. It will give a stylish look to the tables or wall shelf when used.

best decor rooms

Click on the link to discover more designs from CraftedIndia. 

best decor rooms

The designs and colours of cushions can easily add a distinguished style to your home decor. Ethnic cushions are very colorful and have handcrafted designs that add a touch of cultural art and traditions to the decor. You can choose different art forms and styles of cushion covers with like kantha work, embroidery work, block prints, tie-and-dye, abstract prints, mirror work and many more. Gild the sofas, Indian sitting, chairs and other leisure spaces with lots of colorful cushions and make the decor look warm and comfortable. Cushion covers is form one of the important factors for making a best decor room. You should never miss out on this or else your decor will remain incomplete.

Hope this ideas work well to revamp your home styles and making it look no less than a designer home!!!



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