Summer Decor Trends to Imbibe In Your Home Decor

decor trends

Don’t you wish or dream to have a house that you have seen in a TV commercial or a magazine?

Summer is here and you can feel that it has made its presence in warm and discomforting ways, hear the birds chirping, and see plants grooming all around. Not it’s time to get serious by adding summer reflecting decor to your house for welcoming the summer season and to keep it cool in summers. You can change the appearance of your house by just following the latest trends and can change your house to artistically impressive from plain boring.

Here are some latest summer decor trends that will help you to keep your home ambience cool, calm and pleasant.

Botanical Prints

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Botanical and floral prints are always in fashion and always look new and fresh. All the new collections have already started trickling in the stores and online and will be available until February.



decor trends
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Since the beginning of the year, the marble effect finish has been seen in all the home accessories whether its bed lined, lamps or wallpaper. For an on-trend touch, you can also add marble cushions to your pale colour schemes.


decor trends
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If you want to be ahead of the crowds then you can use fringing which is a huge deal for spring.

Pineapples Reign Supreme

decor trends
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In this summer season, you can adorn your home by adding the humble pineapple. Pineapples have literally taken a seat in every room including the bathroom in this season.

Metallic Accents

decor trends
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For this year use more of brass and less of rose gold and copper. Brass is the most organic and sophisticated colour of the entire metallic colour palette. You can add a luxurious finish to your all your rooms by using brass accessories, mirrors, and furniture pieces. You can inject the latest trend by adding lamps and small accessories which will involve small investments. Simple metallic brass finishing touches can create a huge impact and will introduce this trend perfectly.

Tropical Prints

decor trends
(Picture Courtesy- Fairborne)

The tropical trend along with retro Swiss cheese plant is the continuation of the last year. It is a hero alongside palm leaves. The rich shades of green look overwhelming against on-trend charcoal and navy walls and darker furniture choices that look so fashionable for home decorating this season. The trend is all about mixing plenty of lush and energising greens. You can think of adding exotic birds, safari wildlife, oversized insects and large-scale leaf prints.

Artisan textures

decor trends
(Picture Courtesy- ScottDesigns)

You can achieve plenty of things while playing with materials and textures. You can combine different textures like mixing marble with metal, macramé cushions or woven wicker furniture. Mixing of textures will automatically create another layer of interest and decoration for your home decor. At very little expense you can simply hang a pendant to transform a space to provide an instant touch of on-trend.

Global Goodness

decor trends
(Picture Courtesy- goodhomesmagazine)

Ochre and terracotta feature, earthy shades of clay on global-inspired prints play a key role for this season. The textiles, materials, and patterns all have a natural look and provide a raw feel by making them extremely tactile. You can mix small scale Ikat prints with larger paisley-inspired designs to get a global feel. Pattern featured on serve-ware and soft furnishings are inspired by traditional block printing.

Glam Dark Woods

decor trends
(Picture Courtesy- InteriorStyleMag)

For this season, the furniture is set to head to the dark side from the pale and bleached woods. The darker wood tone signifies a renewal of retro glamour and also provides a new capture on modern luxe. You can add an extra glam feel by using metallic legs and handles for perfect finishing touches. You can also provide a more sophisticated feel by adding a fusion of marble, black, brass, gold and walnut.

Rich Pigments

decor trends
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For many interiors, grey is considered as the neutral of all choices but this colour is set to be bolder for this season. You can add rich colours on the furniture pieces like sofa and chairs and walls. Striking emerald green, navy and brooding violet are all the key colours for 2018 which provides a moody interior. The rich new shades of luscious velvet can be used on furniture pieces to enhance the beauty of the home decor.



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