The Secret To Using Rich, Dark Paints

Our life is full of colors. The enhancement of a room completely depends on the color used and thus color plays a very important role in a room’s interior designing. A wrong decision regarding the choice of color can even make interesting design details an uninteresting one throwing everything out of the balance. Thus our focus should be on the choice of color because when color is right, everything becomes perfect.

This article deals all about using dark colors. It deals with all colors such as navy, dark chocolate, black charcoal etc. that we usually don’t take into consideration while choosing colors because we don’t know how to use them appropriately.

Here are some of the secret to use rich and dark paints.

Which room to choose for dark colors

The perfect place to use dark and strong colors are small rooms. As it is seen that as soon as darker colors are chosen the room automatically becomes more intimate and cozy. Especially for some rooms, such as bedroom, parlor etc the choice of color results to the desired effect. The deep colors on the walls set the mood for having cocktails and an evening with friends around the piano. By using rich colors like Brinjal, Pelt, or Down Pipe a cocoon-like an environment is created by the design of the master bedroom.

How to create a contrast

A clean graphic feel and bold contrast can be created by using a crisp white like All White or Wimborne White. Painting dark with darks can certainly be an option if you want a multi-layered room. A room rich in comfort, a little drama, and all the amenities are the best way through which you can greet your guests.

Colors which can be used in hallways

You can cleverly use dark tones in smaller bathrooms, cloakrooms, and hallways. White and deep grey-brown is the best and simplest palette that can be used for a stunning hallway. “Porcupine Quill” mirror, white console table etc. all these elements make the interior of the room look stunning and beautiful.

All that matters for a well-appointed vintage powder room are the contrast between the white architectural element (crown molding, shutters) and the walls. With the help of this contrast, we can have a bathroom with a cute little window which acts as a real star of the room. Depending on your home’s lighting dark colors like Shadow 2117-30 can act as a deep neutral. It is wisely said that if one is intimidated by color, then the beginning should be small. A small jewel box in your home can be created when small rooms are painted with dark tone colors.  The size of the room should not stop you from using bold and rich colors. An illusion of an endless and expansion room is created by deep colors which blur the edges of the wall. In order to balance the room, stick to dark colors with linens and lighter furnishings on the walls.


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