Things to keep in mind when choosing decor for new home

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New home is a blank canvas and you are the artist of your dream home!!

When you buy a new home you get the opportunity to transform each and every space into a personality filled space that you’ll admire. There are some important things to keep in mind when choosing decor for new home which you should never miss on. Each room of your home reflects your taste and style in decor making it your personal space of comfort and peace. Whether you’re tired of your old space or you’re moving into a new one, decorating it is essential for adding coziness and charm. To achieve best results try changing up large aspects of your home along with incorporating small details.

Home Decor Tip 1:  #Focus on the power of High– Low Designs

Home Decor Tip
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Decorating new home is not a task if you fix your budget for the decor items. It is not necessary that every pick should be too expensive or too cheap. Always focus on the power of High-Low designs; a room balances when you have different level of price and craftsmanship. A constant form of design can make the overall home appeal look dull and you can get bored with it soon.

Home Decor Tip 2: #Combine Your Favorite Designs and Latest Styles

Home Decor Tip
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A serene and classy home decor is what we look forward to when we talk about latest style. Nothing excess looks good, be it a combination of too many colors or too much of decor covering the entire space and leaving no free room to leisure around. A lot of people now days love the idea of simple, subtle and modern living, it is not only appealing but makes the overall space look warm, comfortable and peaceful. Though the idea of simple living sounds great but maintaining it is a little trickier part. Mixing and matching needs a lot of attention to be paid. The color codes needs to be maintained and the designs shouldn’t be too loud in appearance.

Home Decor Tip 3: #Play with Different Textures

Home Decor Tip
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Textures play a very important role when it comes to decorating homes. It distinguishes every corner from one another adding an antique appeal to the overall space. It is easy to drift towards the decor made of wood, leather copper, or combination of wood and metal. If it something that pleases your eyes and fits in well with the theme go for it. Keep in mind that you don’t end up with too much of texture at a single spot.

Home Decor Tip 4: #Follow the Odd Number Rule

Home Decor Tips
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The basic idea of this rule is that details and objects that are arranged or grouped in odd numbers are more appealing, memorable, and effective than even-numbered pairings. It helps to have groupings of objects in varying heights, shapes and textures. At the same time, there should be something similar about them. This advice seems to contradict itself, but the point is, there should be something that groups your items together, but also something about each of them that is slightly different.

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Home Decor Tip 5: #Antiques are the Attraction

Home Decor Tip
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Every home should have a corner where you can flaunt your exquisite collection of antiques. You can also add some antique furniture like chairs or a wall piece or a vase. Anything antique goes well with every home style. Make what’s old new again by bracing antique piece in the 21st centuries decor.

Home Decor Tip 6: #Invest Where It Matters

Home Decor Tips
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Rather than investing a lot of money on every little things, invest only where it matters. Try buying two quality pieces you love every year. Good things hold their value they can never get out of fashion too. So eventually, after 10years of your investment will end up having 20 beautiful pieces in your collection.

Home Decor Tip 7: #Simple Curtains Never Goes Out of Fashion

Home Decor Tip
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Rather than buying draperies in patterns, designs or floral which date a room very quickly buy two colors and change them out seasonally.



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