Timeless Home Décor Trends That Can Be Imbibed In Any Era

Well, the trend keeps changing with the change in time. Many new varieties in Home Décor launches every year but there are few things which are never old still people love to follow it and these things beautiful things are always in trends and can be imbibed in any era.

Playing with Marbles

Marbles are the most beautiful and colorful things which we use to décor our home. Every age group people love to play with the marbles in a different manner. The decoration and use of marbles double the beauty of the house. Many different and shiny texture marbles are available in many sizes option which can be used for various purposes such as countertop of the kitchen, a backsplash of marbles, marble flooring, marble tiles, marble furniture, staircase using shiny marbles, flower vase or showcase using tiny shine marbles gives a classy look to your house. To buy marble furniture online you can check websites such as Indiamart, CraftedIndia, Zingyhomes, and Woodysfurniture etc.

Accent walls

The Accent walls architecture will always be in trend as it looks beautiful as well as it attracts people toward your house. Walls are like the base of any house so why they should be left without any art? Many people try the different accent walls ideas in their house to double up the beauty of the house such as deep blue living room accent walls, bedroom headboard accent wall, geometric Accent wall, accent wall using wood pallets, stone accent wall, wall mural accent wall, DIY Faux Wallpaper Accent wall, Focal Feature Accent walls and many more. The interior designers are using the marbles in so beautiful way to give a classy look to the house.

Wabi Sabi

The Wabi Sabi is the famous design which keeps us connected to the earth and natural materials which gives a very simple and sober look to our earth. Finding perfection within imperfection is the style of the Japanese art Wabi Sabi. Some classy way to make your home wabi-sabi is a handmade pottery, organic Material, Minimalistic Solution, earthy Color Palette and many more. All these things will keep you in touch will the natural peace and material. Even some people enjoy making the handmade pottery using organic material and it is also a hobby of many youngsters because it helps in refreshing of mind. For all latest wabi-sabi collection check the Wabi Sabi shop and wabi-sabi design etc.

Bold Floral Print

This is the most famous printing style. Flowers refresh the mind and bring happiness to life so it is a beautiful idea to start the day with the beautiful and colorful Bold Floral print design. The interior designers are playing with the bold floral print design which results into beautiful and unique designs which adds a value to our house. You can use this Bold Floral print wallpaper design in the garden area, kitchens, bedrooms, seating, Pillow, sofas, curtains, furniture of your house. You can play with the different shades and create something unique and classy. Today many people are even designing their chairs with the bold floral print from which you cannot put your eyes off. The bed sheet, pillow, and curtain with the bold and dark color floral design make the start of the day beautiful. You always feel fresh and calm. Moreover, it is like a joy to stay in such a beautiful house.


Brass decor things are still loved by many peoples. Along with it, these brass décor things are easily available at a cheap price online as well as in the market area also. These brass décor things are very simple and sober but it gives a classy look to the house. Some people love to collect antique décor made up of brass material while some enjoy collecting the Ethnic décor things. Some brass things which are still alive in trends are the Brutalist Brass bowl, Shiny gold brass lamps, shelf covers, hanging walls things and a combination of a brass item with the dark color is also in trend nowadays. Moreover, you can buy it online as it is available at many online stores with a heavy discount on Amazon, Indiamart, HobKnobs, and rani Arta & teak etc.  



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